ISD Team
26 Apr 2024

The Swiss crypto start-up Fyooz combines the idea of the stock market (investing and participating) with the content-driven concept of social media. «The freedom to invest in what you believe in, right here, right now»: This is the spirit that its sound identity conveys –in an unconventional yet accessible way.


NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and the possibilities they offer are currently shaking up the art world. The potential behind this is demonstrated by the Swiss crypto start-up Fyooz. Fyooz, through its own token ecosystem and NFTs, offers artists the ability to create their own tokens and to digitize and trade interactive artworks (Experiences). The goal of Fyooz is a world in which everyone can invest in everything that has value for them. The platform has issued tokens with world-famous icons such as Post Malone or Lil Yachty and collaborated with renowned artists such as FVCKRENDER or music giant Dre London, celebrity car tuner West Coast Customs and social guru King Bach.

With the trading platform created, Fyooz wants to help «shape the future values of our time» and accordingly sees itself as a trendsetter with its finger on the pulse. This claim is taken into account also on a brand level: Fyooz is neither familiar nor futuristic –it acts right here, right now. Since Fyooz is a pure digital brand, its playground and touchpoints are clearly defined. The project’s main objective when going live was to generate brand recognition on these channels by creating a lively brand experience that resonates with their vision and stands out from its competitors in a distinctive way.

In a series of workshops, the following impact of sound was defined as the brand’s target: Rhythmic, reduced and full of unbridled energy. Strong and concise enough to start a movement. So, in the context of electronic music, what is the most iconic sound that stands for ultimate power, never ending energy and catapults generations of listeners instantly into a world that is fun, pulsating, awakening and sexy? Yes, you guessed it, it is the sound of a distorted kickdrum generated by the legendary drum machine Roland TR-808. Probably the single most influential piece of equipment ever made for electronic dance music.

This very «Booom» became the main ingredient of the sound identity for Fyooz. It is loaded with memories for everyone that witnessed rave culture all around the world – and is still one of the most used sounds in today’s music, from mainstream to underground. On top of that, it transports the targeted impact and attitude of the brand spot on.

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