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SonicTonic is a health app that delivers audio programs containing a unique blend of purpose-targeted therapeutic techniques (e.g. Brainwave Entrainment, ASMR, mixed with Music) to provide quick and effective help to those having problems with sleep, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.


The Problem
These days, our lives are filled with much more stress and pressure than ever before. This often leads to mind-related disturbances such as feeling nervous, exhausted and problems with sleeping – and even depressive episodes. Although our bodies and minds send us warning signals, we tend to ignore them and we choose to suffer in silence. However, some of these problems can lead to real sicknesses and it’s best to take preventive action.

The Concept
We have developed a revolutionary sound-based method for providing quick and effective help to those who are having problems with sleep, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. It is called SonicTonic. SonicTonic is based around an app that delivers purpose-targeted audio programs comprising of a balanced blend of proven auditory healthcare techniques. It combines methods for brainwave entrainment and brain hemisphere synchronization, such as ASMR, Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats, with Solfeggio Harmonics and other frequency-based methods, the human voice for autosuggestion, guidance, and affirmations – and of course, music!

You may be thinking about wellness-music that you’d expect to hear at a spa, but SonicTonic is different. The innovation is that each individual “Tonic” has its own unique targeted blend of ingredients that have been meticulously selected, combined and balanced in such a way that they are ultra-effective and start to work within an extremely short time. 

The Target Group
SonicTonic strives to make the benefits of sound-based health-improvement therapeutics available to the widest possible group of people, while paying special attention to the perception of those who would not usually be open for such concepts (possibly due to an esoteric bias), but who could greatly benefit by its use. This makes SonicTonic suitable for use by companies and organizations as part of a preventive health program for their workforce (Corporate Health).

Production Standards
Last but not least, SonicTonic contributes to making the world a healthier and better sounding place by enforcing the highest production standards in the market; from the choice of voices to the recording technique, and the Applied Psychoacoustics behind its 3-D virtual surround-sound, everything has been done to make SonicTonic a triple “A” class product.

The Future
Special editions are currently in preparation for supplying highly personalized applications for specific needs such as sonification of motorics for muscle rehabilitation, Sonic Mnemonics for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, and gait regulation programs for Parkinson patients. SonicTonic aspires to become a contributing player in the conception, production and remote-delivery of personalized auditory therapeutics.

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