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Sigikid is a successful global player when it comes to innovative high-quality cuddly toys. Agency ELECTRIC_PULSE developed a sound logo for the company and – based on it – composed perfectly matching brand music for five videos of the latest image campaign. All compositions are combined by a fixed instrumental concept and individually support the scenic dramaturgy.


As Sigikid started more and more to release videos the management wished for a sound logo to support the visual logo at the end of the company’s videos. In the first step ELECTRIC_PULSE workshopped to define the brand’s core values and developed four conceptual proposals for the soundlogo. Referring to the company’s claim “first class for kids”, they decided to choose a modern piano sound and created a short melody which is underlining the brand’s emotional values. It sounds comfortable and peaceful but also representing preciousness and a classy vibe (as sigikid is a tradition-rich family-run company). The audio logo was the base for all following concepts in the audio branding process.

In the next step ELECTRIC_PULSE was asked to create individual compositions for five image videos for the current image campaign, each with a different story reflecting the brand’s values. For this topic they first developed a certain instrumentarium matching to the brand’s emotional image. They decided for using only handmade instruments like acoustic guitar and bass, ukulele, piano, real drums and a singing voice in one of the videos. Out of this instrumentarium they created and recorded compositions for the five image videos which were composed after the first rough-cut delivered by the partnering media agency TMT (they were responsible for creating the videos). After the music was ready they fine-tuned cutting and editing together with TMT.

The process was quite interesting as every single composition should reflect the instrumental brand music concept but also support the different emotional messages of the videos while not sounding too similar to the other videos. And of course the composition should fit harmonically to the sound logo and lead to it conclusively as it can be heard at the end of each video. The goal was: Hearing the songs should remind the video’s consumer on sigikid instantly and provide a comfortable, “cuddly” feeling while watching and listening.

In the end ELECTRIC_PULSE and their client sigikid were happy about five beautiful videos which are consistent visually and acoustically and at the same time demonstrating how important a customized brand sound concept can be in terms of dynamics, uniqueness and quality of moving images (especially compared to choosing random stock music).

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