ISD Team
20 Jun 2024

The Future of Sonic Branding

Sonic branding is growing rapidly as a relatively new discipline and agencies within this space will soon be growing to the size of larger marketing and advertising companies.

  • What lessons can we learn from this nascent creative field?
  • What are the differentiators between different companies?
  • Is the field big enough to accommodate specialisation?
  • What works and what are the pitfalls?
  • What is the future of sonic branding and how can we all ensure a prosperous and successful future in this world?

Martyn Ware discussed these questions in his presentation at the Audio Branding Congress 2011 in New York.

Martyn Ware formed The Human League, production company/label British Electric Foundation and Heaven 17. Martyn has written, performed and produced two Human League, two BEF and nine Heaven 17 albums. As record producer and artist has featured on recordings totaling over 50 million sales worldwide – producing Tina Turner, Terence Trent D’Arby, Chaka Khan, Erasure, Marc Almond and Mavis Staples.

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