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The audio identity of Vueling is young and modern. It reveals the ease and simplicity of flying with the company while expressing the movement inherent in the trip and discover places at affordable prices. A suggestive 5-note audio logo with a lot of personality goes beyond the functional and little-attribution approach of the sounds of the sector.


With more than 130 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Vueling, belonging now to IAG group has developed a new corporate vision focused on providing the best service and a comfortable, positive and fresh experience at the most competitive prices. Research showed Vueling that sounds are crucial in the travel experience, because, if they are well and conveniently designed, they enrich the customer experience, increase well-being and comfort, as well as help attract the attention of travelers and effectively convey the values ​​and attributes of the brand.

So, as a culmination of the redesign of its brand platform, Vueling contacted Sixième Son Spain to work on its audio identity. After several months of work, in late 2018 Vueling presented its first audio identity. Once Sixième Son was briefed on brand elements as context, positioning, strategies and brand essence, the work began with a brand audit and a competitive benchmark identifying audio trends, patterns, motifs to focus on where the brand could stand out in terms of audio differentiation.

After this first initial phase, Sixième Son Spain carried out a strategic planning outlining the strategic and creative convictions based on the research and we presented moodboards to explore and help the client define the most promising vocabulary for the brand. The brand sound of Vueling needed to convey simplicity, innovation, quality and mobility. This led to a creative exploration phase where different audio DNA options were proposed.

Two final pieces were selected and tested internally at Vueling and externally in blind pre-tests with Postgraduate university students in Barcelona. It was tested the brand attributes that the identity needed to convey as well as the degree of attractiveness of the music and sector at which the company behind this identity could belong. Both creations scored greatly at most of questions. At the end one of both solutions was stronger enough in some of the values tested and was declared as the winner. The final piece highlights correctly the ideas of Ease, Simplicity, Modernity, Youth, Freshness, Economic, Care/Comfort, Reliability and  Movement. The new audio logo, which acts as the sound symbol of the brand, perfectly collects these attributes in a piece of two and a half seconds.

The new audio identity is being firmly and progressively implemented at all airline’s touchpoints: airplanes, terminals, television and radio advertising, telephone service channels, corporate videos and events. Nearly 20 milion flyers have already heard the audio logo when travelling. In the words of Oscar Santamaría, Creative Manager and Brand Guardian of Vueling, “Vueling’s new sound identity is young and modern. It reveals the ease and simplicity of flying with the company while expressing the movement inherent in the trip and knowing sites at affordable prices.”

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