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When Nordea decided to renew their brand identity they wanted to create a strong audible brand. The Nordea Sound Signature was created to audibly represent the Nordea Brand – as a memorable sound in its own right and to amplify The Nordea Pulse Logo animation. Part of a holistic sound identity including unique music tailored to Nordeas needs.


When the Nordic Bank, Nordea decided to renew their brand identity as part of a strategic re-positioning, they realized that a strong audible brand would help Nordea fulfill the aims of their new brand strategy. Nordea wanted to be recognized as a contemporary bank – at the very heart of one of the most important things – your finances. Whether it’s your individual finances – a small startup – or a global company. The renewed visual identity was to be created by the Scandinavian design agency Bold and we where chosen to bring the renewed Nordea Brand to life audibly.

The main visual element – the new Nordea Logo was created to symbolise the human pulse as a means of conveying Nordea’s core brand values focused on human and personal aspects. A moving logo animation was invented alongside – The Nordea Pulse – which remains central to both the new visual and audible brand. The Nordea Sound Signature is created to audibly represent the pulse of Nordea – as a memorable sound in its own right – as well as to amplify and support The Nordea Pulse animation. The Nordea Sound Signature is created on the concept of the pulse and beats of the world around us. The human heartbeat, the pulse of time, the cadence of life and movement of the world around us – the ticks and tocks of the financial industry. All safely grounded in the Nordea Sound Signature – The Nordea Pulse.

The Nordea Sound Signature was created on the backdrop of a musically stylistic direction that was further unfolded into a holistic sound identity with various musical expressions tailored to work on all Nordea’s audible touchpoints. Creating a mosaic of three main music pieces expressing a wide range of dynamics and moods anchored around the 4-note signature melodic theme, rhythmic motifs and a carefully curated instrumentation that reflects the inventiveness of contemporary popular music with the virtues and craftsmanship of orchestration.

The Nordea Sound Signature is used consistently in Nordea’s above-the-line communication such as TV and radio commercials, as well as in below-the-line outputs such as film content, podcasts, at events etc. The Nordea Music features on film content, podcasts, at events, in TV and radio commercials and the Nordea Sound Signature melodic theme and rhythmic motifs has been integrated and adapted for custom soundtracks for campaigns and special events where creative concepts has inspired additional stylistic needs.

The Nordea Sound Identity was created in tight collaboration with the department Brand & Creative at Nordea Headquarters with inputs from all brand and marketing managers in Nordea’s Nordic offices to make sure that the Nordea Sound Identity would fulfill both the creative and operational ambitions and needs to become a success. Together with Nordea we have created a contemporary sound identity with audible brand assets that both reflects the core values of the brand and underlines the new direction the Nordea brand has taken.

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