The French Open is a global and prestigious event, followed by 3 billion viewers. The French Tennis Federation wished to express the mythic stature of Roland-Garros, and to amplify and prolong the magic of the French Open with a unique musical vocabulary. The new audio identity, launched during the 2013 French Open, drew from its Latin roots to inspire a melody closely related to the tango. The heroism associated with tournaments is reflected in the dynamic and epic musical elements, which are delicately balanced with a dose of Parisian prestige. To capture the unique reverberation of the venue, the bandoneon was recorded at the stadium’s Centre Court.

The audio brand was adapted in over 50 ways throughout the venue and during the event adding fervor and passion during such key moments as the entrance of the players, the applause after each match and the awarding of the trophies. This audio brand application guideline is unique and unprecedented in the world of sports. For example, the music used by the Champion‘s League is an adaptation of a Handel composition and not a custom-made creation. It is adjusted to the different spots but not really adapted and so not as powerful as what was created for the French Open.

Eurostar reported record-breaking audience figures with over 60 millions in Europe alone. The music was heard in all French Open television broadcasts all over the world as well as on websites and millions of mobile phones. It has made its way to every corner of the globe. The compositions roused everyone, especially appreciative sportscasters, enthusiastic live audiences and the players themselves. By the end of the tournament, the music had moved everyone, including the tearful winner, Rafael Nadal. „The level of enthusiasm came as an excellent surprise.“ said the FFT Director of Marketing.

“What sticks in people’s minds is the fact that this music conveys a fantastic message. It has passion, elegance and strength. It conveys an exceptional emotion that suits us well. Working on this project was an intense and really interesting experience, but the most magical moment for me was during the Men’s final: when both players entered the court in music. Everything was perfectly synchronized, it was amazing.”
“For next years, we will amplify the music’s use in the media, enrich the audio journey on the site,… with the coming new stadium and greatly improved village, the sound and music experience will fully find its home in this future place of life and emotion. Now that we’ve found our way, we plan to make the most of it.“
Sophie Alexandre, Director of Marketing and Communication, FFT

“It’s unusual to have such a long standing ovation. It’s because of this music and the people supporting him”.
Lionel Chalmouleau et Arnaud Boetsch, commentators French TV during the awarding trophy for Rafael Nadal

“To receive this trophy, with this magnificant audience who has supported me and with this incredible music was a powerful and emotional moment for me.”
Rafael Nadal

Media Exposure

Each channel covering this event broadcasted 15 minutes of the audio brand created by Sixième Son during the last two days of the French Open.

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