ISD Team

Superpowered allows developers to incorporate interactive audio features into native apps, embedded hardware, browser-based web apps and websites with studio-grade quality, low latency and high performance from one simple API.


With the advent of the iPhone in 2008, a growing amount of consumer media consumption, and therefore computing, has moved and continues to edge and mobile devices. This means three things for the global developer community:

  • First, the number of app-store platform targets an audio-centric app has to support has grown tremendously.
  • Second, those app store platform targets vary widely in performance and capabilities, making the maintenance of a consistent audio user experience and product feature-set extremely difficult.
  • Third, being able to target and deploy interactive apps to the web browser will soon be both technically feasible and economically desirable.

Superpowered solves these problems by providing consistent high performance interactive audio features across mobile, desktop, embedded and browser platform targets, thanks to its patented digital signal processing technology. Debugging, maintenance time and cost are also reduced since only one API must be maintained vs multiple APIs. Superpowered holds two patents in audio digital signal processing and supports thousands of apps and billions of app-installs.

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