ISD Team

Simply connect your mobile device to a DAW, use it as laser pointer and pan the sounds to where you’re pointing. Space Controller is the best way to pan sounds in surround and immersive, with an intuitive and precise approach.


The entire entertainment industry is moving to spatial audio (cinema, tv, games, music), but all existing panning approaches use a 2D approach: knobs, joysticks, mouse, touchscreen. At Sound Particles, spatial audio is our passion, and we were unhappy with all existing approaches. So, we had the idea of using a phone to simply point to the direction where we want the sound to come. With this approach, anyone could easily pan sounds in 3D, even with complex movements, in a very intuitive way. We started to create a prototype, with a mobile app controlling a panner plugin, and the results were fantastic. As such, a product was created.

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