AG2R La Mondiale’s core values solidarity (friendly, near) and performance (clear, powerful) seem to be opposite notions. The company is powerful in its strategic development but also caring and friendly towards its clients, helping them out whenever they are in difficulty. In translating this “paradox”, the audio concept encompasses the elements sound, music and voice. The core element is clapping, which has a clear and very human acoustic character. It sparks positive associations and is a symbol of individuality: each person claps differently.

The sound of two hands coming together communicates both solidarity and performance. A handshake builds trust, as a firm business handshake. And handshakes and handclaps are used to greet friends and to motivate others (“high-five”). The combination of solidarity and performance is best seen in sports, where it takes both team spirit and the will to win to achieve outstanding goals. In team sports the handclap plays a major role. Fans clap and cheer. The team uses claps to thank the audience for its support. This team spirit can for instance be seen in AG2R La Mondiale’s own Tour de France team.

Musically, handclaps build a bridge to listeners by allowing them to join in and become part of the performance. The handclaps create a collective feeling of unity. All musical applications feature a powerful, unusual rhythm dominated by clapping. This highlights both the performance and the human aspects of the brand.

An unusual combination of instruments (mellotron, vibraphone, harpsichord) translates the unique look of the brand into music. The diagonal in the design is represented in the music by a sharp “break”. A variety of male and female voices of all ages translates the broad diversity reflected in the visual imagery and emphasize the AG2R LA MONDIALE brand’s closeness to its customers. Passages sung by a choir reflect the idea of

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