ISD Team

As European leader of the transport area, SNCF gets involved in providing its passengers with a more comfortable and caring travel experience. This commitment must be reflected in the brand communication. That’s why SNCF wanted to create a real difference in the sound experience too. In this case, a very specific work was set up on sound broadcasting equipment because stations are not traditional media and, in addition to being used in advertising, and corporate communication, this sound identity must be present in onboard messages and in messages in stations.

Currently, it’s the most famous sound identity in France and it’s the first to have stopped using the sound of chimes. Henceforth, it’s a woman designed voice which acts as a call to travellers. Spread over 5 years, this sound identity creation program ended in 2010 includes revamps and specials variations. In the heart of this creation, some keywords prevail: humanity, modernity, ambition, innovation.

“The job we did with Sixième Son was just great. In terms of impact and valorisation of the brand, this audio branding system allows us to better exist! It conveys our dedication for customers and quality. It expresses our creative and innovative approach.”
Bernard Emsellem, VP Communication, SNCF

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