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28 Apr 2024

In preparation for its IPO in 2018, Siemens Healthineers sharpened its brand positioning as a premium medtech company. A part of its updated brand design was a 360° audio expression, which reflects the brand strategy and fits all touch points. In addition, innovative software was introduced that enables employees to produce their own soundtracks.


Point of departure:
In preparation for its IPO, Siemens Healthineers sharpened its brand positioning as a premium medtech company. A holistic re-branding process, including an audio expression for the brand was developed.

Strategy and design:
The brand positioning guides decision-making processes and the daily actions of the employees, supported by a corresponding audio branding. Three key words were defined as brand personality to help guide the development: intelligent, visionary, and responsible.

  • Intelligent is reflected in the brand sound through precise and driving rhythms, combined with digital sound effects.
  • Visionary can be described in musical terms through energetic, inspiring and active sounds.
  • Responsible can be experienced in our brand sound through a selection of musical elements that influence and engage the listeners.

Future-oriented, technical aspects are at the heart of what Siemens Healthineers does. This was also key for the brand sound. It is represented by sophisticated synthesizer instruments combined with digital sounds. A selection of classic instruments was chosen to represent premium which forms an in-depth backing track together with an intriguing sound scape to convey a feeling of space.

Inspiration for the new sound was found in the company’s logo and its brand design elements. The name “Healthineers” was used by playing every letter that has a key on a piano. The letters without musical notes were turned into a digital heartbeat. The additional figurative mark of nine dots created a forward-moving, triple beat. The sound scape also contains the “Dot Pulse” – a series of points whose distances grow from point to point according to the Fibonacci sequence. In musical terms the distances between the dots were applied horizontally for rhythm, and vertically for pitch. A figure that is especially attention-grabbing was created by mirroring the scale.

An entire package of sound files tailored for use at events was created. This contains event music, music for entering a stage, a background music for pauses and a gong to grab people’s attention. Employees help amplify the sound of the brand through a series of newly produced ringtones. At several audio touchpoints, such as product videos, social media channels, events, Siemens Healthineers Experience Center, and on-hold lines, music now improves the brand experience. In addition, a piece of health-oriented music that improves the customer’s experience and leads to relaxation, mindfulness and stress-relief was developed. Furthermore, a completely new innovative technology was introduced: an easy-to-use software that allows employees to produce their own soundtracks, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.

“The result was overwhelming. The brand sound was greeted with huge enthusiasm at the global Siemens Healthineers communications conference.”
Catarina Tagmark, Vice President Brand Strategy & Identity, August 2019

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