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Play.This.Wall is an ongoing interactive art project of playable musical wall interfaces, that serve as a collaborative music platform & musical instrument. an homage to all the great artists who use segments of separation walls as a canvas in order to repurpose those segments as a symbol of good – and hopefully – a new digital art movement.


Play.This.Wall is an ongoing interactive art project of playable musical wall interfaces, that serve as a collaborative music platform & musical instrument. double-sided walls that are designed based on models of separation walls – mostly after the famous Berlin Wall – and is playable on both sides so at least 2 people can play it simultaneously. Walls that were created in mind for separation are being disrupted through music when people from both sides of the wall join in arranging and playing a track together.

The Berlin wall is not just any separation wall… it represents a transformation of an idea / a design that became a symbol but for something other than its original purpose / it became a symbol of freedom. Of liberation. It was celebrated. First people started taking it down – getting it out of the was, then people started collecting pieces to remember it, then people started making art – with it, on it, around it – after awhile it became a prestigious canvas for street art and it even started traveling to far away place and present in museums, it became a movement that nobody could have predicted. The symbol of bad became the symbol of good – and the rest is history.

Very ironically the Play.This.Wall project loves to travel. As soon as the word was out about the traveling wall – people started asking to create opportunities to play it…
The tour started in Warsaw / Madrid / Zurich & London – where we were hosted at a pop-up exhibition event that was set up by the municipality of Berlin in several locations around Europe. Then we got invited to welcome people into the 2016 Ableton loop music makers summit – a prestigious event for electronic musicians and makers.

Soon after we got invited by Michela Magas (award-winning innovation and innovation woman of the year by the EU commission) to showcase our innovative thinking to scientists/politicians & innovators at the European Commission building in Brussels – opening the very exclusive “shaping our future conference” Horizon 2020 conference.

The next stop was LA – we got invited to present at the 50th anniversary for the Berlin & LA cultural twin city agreement. Our first trip to the US and first time on a plan! We had an awesome time with friends coming from Berlin – Graffiti artists / digital artists/curators/ performers and influencers… Even both Mayors of Berlin & LA attended. We also got another opportunity to showcase at the “Wende Museum” Where there are original pieces of the Berlin wall are presented.

2019 – 30 years to the falling of the Berlin wall – we decided to make the 3rd edition of Play.This.Wall – in collaboration with toi.lab a smart toys & innovation gallery in Tel Aviv – an industrial designed wall with an affordable – open source sound engine we created. We already had a successful 3 weeks exhibition at the toi.lab Gallery and also a pop-up performance at the “state of the art” exhibition at IDC.

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