ISD Team
14 Apr 2024

Orca Security wanted an audio identity to enhance the overall recognition and understanding of Orca Security as a brand. They aimed to create something so strong that their customers would immediately associate them with security, dependability, and trustworthiness.


The name Orca immediately conjures up an image of killer whales. It’s an animal synonymous with nature, unadulterated freedom, direct and daring action, striking strength, and indomitable will. We thought the symbolic nature of the brand name was a perfect opportunity for sound. Combining the worlds of tech and nature-inspired a lot of creativity but also came with a challenge.

Strength in numbers

From a creative standpoint, there were a multitude of benefits to a collaborative approach. First of all, it fits with the overall nature of how Orcas work together in social groups. Second, it allowed for a more diverse result, combining the talents and experiences of different people.

We chose to collaborate with our vendors, Dave Reynaud & Amnon Freidlin. Dave has been working as a Composer & Sound Designer over the last 20 years for commercials, idents, and trails for TV, radio, podcasts and online, TV shows, documentaries, film and mobile games, mobile apps, even theme parks, stadiums, concert halls and for onboard transport use.
Amnon specializes in composition, sound design, implementation, sonic identity, audio UX, music supervision, creative direction, and design. He’s worked with Lexus, Apple Arcade, NBA, Christian Louboutin, Barneys, Nick Cave (artist), The Met Museum, Microsoft, and Lacoste. His music has been covered by Vice, The New York Times, NPR Music, Pitchfork, and Resident Advisor, among others.

Regarding their involvement in the process, Dave and Amnon said the following:
“It was the first time I’d had the opportunity to work with a cloud computing firm, so to be involved with one as fast-moving, experienced, and dynamic as Orca Security was both exciting and inspiring for me.”– Dave.

“For an entire year [before this project], I practiced a common visualization technique to try to improve my sleeping habits. For this exercise, one can world-build any visualization they’d like, but every detail of the routine MUST remain the same, night after night, for it to work. I chose an aquatic routine. Cut to me getting an offer to work on an oceanic sonic identity for Orca.” – Amnon.

Here were Dave’s initial thoughts upon receiving the brief:
“When we received the brief, it was clear that the Orca Security methodology was inherently influenced and defined by the strengths and behavioural qualities of the real-life Orca whale when thinking in terms of the company’s ambition, function, and personality.” – Dave

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