Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 on everyday life, especially for Women of Color, Dove partnered with Studio Resonate to offer Black and Latinx women a unique, multisensory experience driven by sound: the Tropical Moods SoundEscape. Listeners were effortlessly transported to a tropical paradise, away from the stresses of work and childcare.


During the pandemic, Women of Color in the US were one of the demographics hardest hit by the effects of COVID-19. Many were feeling the added pressures of working and caring for children at home, and many lost their jobs, all in the midst of rising rates of domestic violence, xenophobia, and racist attacks.

How could these women be offered a break, when an actual getaway was practically impossible? Working with Studio Resonate, Dove identified a place where women were able to escape and find time for themselves: the bathroom.

That insight was the catalyst for a campaign designed to enhance bath time with a unique, multisensory experience driven by sound: Dove’s Tropical Moods Soundscape. Knowing that the average bath is 10 to 30 minutes in length and that listening to music is a favorite bath time activity, we created a 23-minute guided meditation, set to natural soundscapes and music that were crossmodally congruent with tropical themes, chosen because of the appeal tropical destinations hold for Black and Latinx women.

The sonic cues within the SoundEscape were designed to blend with the natural sounds of water from a bath or shower, and the sensory illusion was further enhanced by the aroma of the products themselves (i.e., the scent of mangos). Finally, visual references were made to the product throughout the guided program, designed to reinforce memory structures and personal connections to the product itself.

The result was a multisensory experience that could be accessed anytime on the Pandora platform, offering women an opportunity to disconnect from the challenges of life and reconnect with themselves through a sensory enhanced bath experience. With close to 2,000,000 audio impressions, nearly 10,000 spins, an average of over 260 daily listens and over 380 hours of listening time logged, Dove was able to offer women an opportunity to travel to an exotic destination, without leaving their homes.

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