ADM’s purpose is to unlock the power of nature to enrich the quality of life. We created the ADM sonic brand (comprised of audio logos, brand music catalog, and corresponding guidelines) to reflect this purpose as illustrated through the one diverse element that makes the company successful – Its people.


For a global brand spanning continents and categories like ADM, the approach to developing an ownable sonic brand must be all-encompassing. With the goal of unifying their diverse categories and people through sound and music, the organization was polled to provide insights revealing the necessary moods, styles and emotional priorities.

Our process included a full brand analysis, internal and competitive audits, tones and textures workshops, guiding principles, demo development, and full production of all assets included in the sonic brand. Over the course of 6 months, the system of audio assets produced included the brand theme, audio logo suite (varying in depth, fullness, and length), brand music catalog consisting of 15+ original pieces, brand voice guidelines complete with four profiles and extensive sonic guidelines which outline the sonic brand’s guiding principles, correct usage and editing protocol.

Deployed across all sound-on touchpoints (digital marketing, social media, live and streaming corporate events) the ADM sonic brand ensures ownable, on equity and emotionally potent audio assets empowering content creators, enriching brand culture, saving on licensing costs and paving the way for on-brand audio asset development across the globe for years to come.

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