ISD Team
01 May 2024

Mood Stockholm is a unique shopping centre in the heart of Stockholm. Lexter Sound Design has created a holistic and brand building sound design concept, which adds a new dimension to the overall customer experience. It is used as a living and creative tool to strengthen visual expressions and campaigns, in multiple communication channels.


Mood Stockholm is a unique shopping centre with carefully selected boutiques, beauty salons, cafés and restaurants, that opened in 2012, in the heart of Stockholm. The owners, AMF Properties, wanted to create a shopping center beyond the ordinary. A place with lots of character, yet familiar and warm for people to meet, shop and eat with friends. Mood was going to be the “Talk of the town”, internationally inspired and full of contrasts. With its urban and garden inspired interior Mood would be a modern city within the city.

During the planning stages a conscious decision was to let sound act as a central part of the design expression, customer experience and brand. Lexter Sound Design was invited to develop an inspiring and dynamic sound design concept to add new dimensions to the customer experience, as well as strengthen Mood’s brand in the long-term. The sound design at Mood had to be something extra, something to remember. Another purpose of the sound was to disguise and reduce noise in the environment.

The general areas at Mood are divided into three conceptual zones called Wishing, Desire and Everyday, and the sound design reflects the characteristics of each zone.

  1. Wishing has a bohemian charm, and the musical direction is more acoustic and indie authentic.
  2. Desire has a luxurious feel, with floating and beautiful pads and glittery sound effects.
  3. The sound design in Everyday incorporates city sounds, a faster tempo and street inspired beats.

Together, these three areas represent the contrasting elements of the Mood experience. To keep a coherent flow, there are recurring audio branding elements such as short audio logos uniquely produced for Mood incorporated in all the productions. Nature sounds, especially the song of the willow warbler is also used in all areas, and connects them with the garden inspired interior. In addition to the general areas, a large number of local audio zones were created to strengthen all the interesting design expressions at Mood. Sound design enhances artworks, entrances and display windows. Directional speakers emit luxurious sound effects along the escalators. Artificial birds sing in the outdoor garden terrace. The restroom areas each have their own ethereal sound atmosphere, inspired by the sound profiles of Wishing, Desire or Everyday, depending on the location.

Lexter works closely and strategically with the marketing department and visual merchandisers at Mood, always with the question “how can sound communicate and enhance the expression this time?”. Sound design is a creative and important part of all marketing campaigns, seasonal changes and expressions at Mood, from Christmas and other seasons to events like Valentine’s Day and Stockholm Fashion Week. The sound design is often customized for use in external marketing channels, like radio and social media. Today, Mood Stockholm has managed to take a unique position in Stockholm’s retail market, and sound continues to be an important part of the brand.

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