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Mood Stockholm is a unique shopping centre in the heart of Stockholm. Lexter Sound Design have created an audio branding sound design concept that captures the characteristics of Mood, and is instantly recognizable as the typical sound of Mood. This sonic platform is the base for all sound design and sound productions.


Mood Stockholm is a unique shopping center with carefully selected boutiques, beauty salons, cafés and restaurants, that opened in 2012 in the heart of Stockholm. The owners, AMF Properties, wanted to create a shopping center beyond the ordinary. A place with lots of character, yet familiar and warm for people to meet, shop and eat with friends. Mood was going to be the “Talk of the town”, internationally inspired and full of contrasts. With its urban and garden inspired interior Mood would be a modern city within the city.

During the planning stages a conscious decision was to let sound act as a central part of the brand, design expressions and overall customer experience. Lexter Sound Design was invited to develop an inspiring and dynamic sound design concept that would add new dimensions to the customer experience, as well as strengthen Mood’s brand in the long-term. The sound design concept should be as characteristic as Mood itself and reflect the brand in such a strong and clear way that customers immediately would recognize the typical Mood sound. To achieve this, Lexter developed an audio branding platform for Mood. Following Lexter’s audio branding process, a careful pre-study was conducted, where Lexter familiarized themselves with the Mood brand as well as the physical features, acoustics and customer flow at the shopping center.

Mood is divided into three conceptual zones called Wishing, Desire and Everyday. Each zone has its own character and design, but together represent the different aspects of the Mood brand. Based on these zones, Lexter developed a well-defined audio branding platform with a palette of musical elements and sound effects:

  1. Wishing represents the bohemian and relaxed side of Mood. This is reflected in acoustic musical elements, indie folk, bossa and jazz, together with natural garden sounds.
  2. Desire represents the exclusiveness and luxury of Mood. This is reflected in luxurious, spacy and ambient music, with discrete and sophisticated beats. This is mixed with glassy sound effects such as chimes, glockenspiel, and the clinking of champagne glasses.
  3. Everyday represents the familiar, day-to-day face of Mood. This is reflected in electronic music with higher tempo and street inspired beats, blended with city sounds.

The three zones together represent the contrasts of Mood. To keep a coherent flow, there are recurring audio branding elements such as short audio logos uniquely produced for Mood incorporated in all the productions. Nature sounds, especially the song of the willow warbler is also used in all areas, and connects them with the garden inspired interior. All sound productions and sound design for Mood, in all locations and marketing channels, are anchored in this sonic universe. This includes audio content for radio and social media, as well as playlists and local sound zones and events within Mood. Lexter has until this day produced more than a thousand hours of sound productions for Mood Stockholm.

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