In 2018 MAN Diesel & Turbo decided to decarbonize and reinvent its core business leading to a new name: MAN Energy Solutions. The Re-Design went hand in hand with the 360° Brand Sound. Building on the design concept of a “Digital Horizon“ and the tagline “Future in the making“,the breadth of the horizon was placed at the heart of the brand sound.


Meeting the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement is proving to be one of the major challenges of our century. The ambitious accord aims to achieve a carbon-neutral global economy by the year 2050. A global player in the engineering industry is committed to achieve this goal with a very specific new strategy: MAN Diesel & Turbo is now MAN Energy Solutions. The manufacturer of engines and turbines has become a provider of systems and solutions designed to facilitate the transition to a carbon-neutral world. Sustainable technologies will make up the majority of the company’s sales by 2030.

The new self-image finds its visual counterpart in a progressive overall appearance of the brand. why do birds is responsible for the auditory part of the brand identity. Building on the design concept of the “Digital Horizon” and the new tagline “Future in the making” (KMS, Munich), we have placed the breadth of the horizon at the heart of the brand sound. Long, dynamic spheres symbolize this farsightedness. We have translated the transformation of the company from a provider of individual components to a provider of complete solutions through individual tones that merge into chords and spheres. The 4-tone leitmotif underlines the radial movement of the MAN logo arch and gives the sound logo its melodic touch.

Electronic sounds that stand for the precision of the brand and powerful rhythms that express its self- confidence and courage combine with the chords of a grand piano that reflect the clarity, commitment and human touch of the brand. The project encompasses brand music pieces, the production of various product-film soundtracks, event soundscapes, telephone on-hold music production as well as the casting and recording of a brand voice. A brand sound guideline, available on the MAN Energy Solutions extranet explains how to use the elements correctly.

The new sound reflects the brand’s new self-image in an optimal way and helps the target group reflect the company’s change in strategy. It also demonstrates that MAN Energy Solutions is serious about this new direction. Dr. Jan Dietrich Müller, Head of Group Communications and Marketing – MAN Energy Solutions praises: “A collaboration that really impressed me – as well as the result. The telephone loop, for example, has addictive potential – one would rather listen than be connected”.

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