ISD Team
29 Apr 2024

Gallerian is an iconic shopping mall in the heart of Stockholm. Lexter created an inspiring and pleasant sound design concept that enhances visual expressions and brand characteristics. The developed audio branding platform and uniquely produced sound elements and melodies form the basis for all sound productions and playlists.


Gallerian is an iconic shopping destination in the heart of Stockholm. With more than 26,000 square meters it is the largest shopping mall in the city center. The surrounding city area is under great transformation and Gallerian plays an important part in making the new district vivid, exciting and eventful. During a recent renewal process, Gallerian was given new visual characteristics, inspired by the city and the outdoors, with squares, alleys and greenery inside the shopping mall.

There was also a vision to implement sound design as a living and significant part of the brand and overall customer experience. Lexter created an inspiring, pleasant and brand building sound design concept with a unique audio branding platform, that enhances the new design expressions and visual features and reflects the Gallerian brand.

To develop the audio branding platform Lexter had a continuous and creative dialogue with Gallerian, to get an in-depth understanding of brand values, brand personality and characteristics, target groups and what musical expressions and attitudes they were seeking.

Lexter composed a significant signature sound with audio branded sound elements and melodies. The sound elements and melodies are incorporated into all playlists and sound productions to keep a coherent flow and create brand recognition. Based upon Gallerians key brand values, “Involving”, “Independent” and “Full of contrasts” and other significant characteristics, such as the outdoor feel, Lexter made an auditory interpretation and translation into a number of sound expressions and musical key words. Some examples include:

  • Involving: Pop, Friendly, Lounge, Ambient, Positive, Surprising.
  • Independent: Powerful, Contemporary, Electronic, Brave, Up-to-date, House, Trap, Expressive.
  • Full of Contrasts: Dynamic, Mixed genres, Mixed instruments, Varied, Free, Unexpected, Punk.
  • Outdoor Feel: City sounds, Bird song, Hip-hop, Bicycles, Weather, Seasons.

All sound productions in all locations at Gallerian has its basis in this sonic universe, guaranteeing a consistent brand sound regardless of implementation. Flexible in intensities, tempo and feel, yet always anchored in the audio branding platform, it makes sound a creative and brand building tool. The audio branding platform plays an important part in seasonal changes and as an extension of campaigns. In Christmas 2018 the nine meters tall walk-in Christmas tree with snow falling inside was enhanced with a dreamy version of the signature sounds incorporated in a glittery and flowing sound production. During spring 2019 the signature melody was sung by the typical spring bird Blackbird.

After the renewal process, including the implementation of sound, Gallerians own statistics show that the cumulated number of visitors during the period of January – April 2019 increased with 20% compared to the same period in 2018. Customers, staff and industry colleagues have only expressed positive comments and feedback on the sound design at Gallerian.

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