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Fuze is a global unified communications platform. Users seamlessly transition between calling, meeting, chatting, & content sharing in a single application, on any device. Fuze’s brand team developed an integrated, holistic sonic identity system composed of a family of ringtones, signals & alerts, associated product sounds, and audio logo.


Fuze is a people-centric, global unified communications platform. Built around a world-class user experience, Fuze empowers users to seamlessly transition between calling, meeting, chatting, and content-sharing, through a single application, on any device.

Working closely with the internal product team, Fuze’s brand team created an integrated, holistic sonic identity system comprised of a family of ringtones, signals & alerts, associated product sounds, and an audio logo. The sound of Fuze needed to be simple, transparent, and fluid. Aiding work flow as seamlessly as the product user interface, across mobile, web, and desktop platforms. The sonic system also had to differentiate the product in a crowded communications market where ringtones define the brand.

In harmony with the visual brand, the task force orchestrated by the Worldwide Creative Director, set out to create a multi-sensory brand experience. A roadmap was created to identify, and ultimately deliver a consistent and relevant experience at every touchpoint in the user journey. With tight time and budget constraints, we set strict criteria, concepting a system that would sound familiar and recognizable, while remaining unique and extensible.

This innovative approach resulted in a sonic system composed of timeless natural harmonics — organic sounds with overtones based on classic, highly resonant strings. The sounds are lean, but substantial as they serve as alerts and notifications. Slight reverb and ambience was added to the tones to provide presence and create space. The result was memorable, pleasing tones that retain character and remain fresh (in stark contrast to the tedium of competitors’ buzz-like, mechanical sounds).

The main tone served as the cornerstone to the system. Three ascending harmonic notes became an instantly identifiable default product ring tone and the company audio logo, used across all mediums. The audio logo was combined with the animated brand symbol. This elegantly represented the three core product modes of voice, video and messaging, resulting in powerful multi-sensory brand expression.

For the application launch sound, the team took a different approach. In collaboration with a renown Berklee musician/composer, we developed a piano arpeggio, welcoming users to the product while ingraining an indelible brand signal. The sonic reminder tone for waiting video attendees was developed by creating a piano key strike that swelled in reverse reverb and delay, repeating every 20 seconds.

Several months after launching the product, user feedback revealed the interest for additional ring tones. These needed to identify incoming calls to multiple devices in close proximity. The system was extended with a variety of consistent but distinct ring tones. The ultimate result of the initiative was a cohesive sonic family, well received by end users. A universal and enduring world-class sonic identity.

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