Favorit Motors is the biggest car dealer in Russia (KIA, FORD, VOLVO, OPEL, CHEVROLET, RENAULT, PEUGEOT, SANGYONG, SKODA). It uses flexible marketing strategy based on the direct and clear branding communication with its clients. The main goal of the Project was to create sound branding indentification through music and phonosemantic methods. United only by the sound logo, two quite different pieces in style, harmony, and melodic compositions were created to reach this goal:

  1. ‘Favorit Freedom’ is the companies main branding and image composition. It reflects the spirit of freedom, which a customer acquires during the purchase of a vehicle.
  2. ‘Favorit Club’ composition is responsible for a direct communication with clients. It is the ideal source for specific messages directed to the clients, concerning the capabilities of the company.

About 30 sound clips were created on the basis of these compositions. Some parts of them were transmitted over a radio, while the rest of them sounded automatically in random order during a standby mode. They are short – for about 15 seconds – do not overload listener with too much information, but rather ‘anchor’ perfectly well the most important part of the message.

Among other goals, the clips had to create a customer’s association series: ‘purchase of the car = 7862525 = Favorit Motors’. In Russian It sounds like: ‘Hotite KIA pokupat? Sem vosem shest dva piat piat’. It is good rhyme. So, Russian melodic speech also serves objectives of sound brand identity. Poetic text enhances recognition and memorability as phone number and the brand FAVORIT. For the maximum rate of the phone number recollection among clients, it was sung in the brand’s compositions. As a result of corporate audiostyle creation, a Brand Book was created – the manual for hours of exploitations. The different sound elements are widely used in Below the Line actions, in showrooms, on the Internet, in the answering machine during switching calls.

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