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Mixing 3D audio in VR with dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT by Dear Reality, equips sound creators with a revolutionary new workflow for truly immersive audio production. Dear Reality is the leading company in the field of spatial audio algorithms and well-known for its binaural, ambisonics and multi-channel 3D spatializer dearVR PRO.


3D audio is a decisive factor experiencing 360° movies, VR and AR. Without 3D audio there is no real immersion and the emotional experience of the user will be limited. dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT enables sound engineers, sound designers, broadcasters and musicians to easily create 3D audio content by controlling and visualizing a mixing session from a DAW directly in VR.

The gesture-controlled workflow allows the sound creative to control positions of sound sources within the audio workstation by simply pointing at them in the virtual space. Each sound source in dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT is a representation of an audio track in the audio workstation. There is no more need to switch back and forth between the audio workstation and the VR production environment.

Within dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT sound creators can go through the timeline and audio tracks in VR. The VR controllers can be used to write automation while looking at the virtual scene. Levels are controlled with faders on a virtual meter bridge or by simply performing an up or down gesture – just like painting the mix.

Fused with the advanced spatialization of the dearVR PRO 3D audio engine, dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT combines ultra-realistic room virtualization with the power to instantly check and optimize a mix the same way as it will be perceived in the final medium by the user. Furthermore, sound creatives can decide which audio format they want to output at the end and monitor it binaural with headphones or even on multi-channel loudspeaker setups.

Since 2019, Dear Reality is part of the Sennheiser group. Both companies share the same enthusiasm for the future of audio and will continue on developing tools for audio creatives.


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