Although DATEV have continuously updated their Sound Identity, some music choices were still being made based just on subjective personal taste, leading to a fragmented brand perception. The DATEV Soundpool fixed this by providing a system for making precise briefings and organising brand sounds, not only by genre, but also by brand values.


DATEV has had its own unique sound identity since 2008. Although it has continually been updated and improved upon over the years, sometimes evolution needs to change into revolution! The internet has made low-cost video communications a reality. DATEV uses this possibility to the full and is constantly producing material to inform, explain and promote their products and services. Audio visual communications often neglect the potential offered by sound. Optimal brand communication need audio to get the same level of attention as is paid to the visuals.
This of course includes music.

Sound Branding, by definition, concentrates on the process of development, application and management of brand sound identities. Until the introduction of the DATEV Sound Identity, the choice of music for use in their brand communications had been more or less arbitrary. The DATEV Sound Identity provided the possibility to systematically address brand fit, differentiation, consistency and compliance. But what about the music selection process? Music can be chosen by many parameters: to appeal to a specific target group, illustrate stories and action, or to portray a specific emotion or brand attribute. Music choices that are made based largely on subjective personal taste are likely not to be uniform and can lead to fragmentation of the brand’s auditory perception.

For DATEV, what was needed was a tool to provide auditory uniformity. It should provide help to define and select music that would provide a consistent and unified brand perception. The Solution? The DATEV Soundpool! The concept is simple: The SoundPool organises the DATEV brand sounds – not only by genre, but above all, by the brand values they transport. This makes it easier for marketers and external service providers to align their projects with the appropriate brand values. Without any hurdles regarding terms of use and coordination – and without the usual licensing issues.

The matrix first identifies the sounds according to their mood – from “emotional” to “technical,” from “active” to “reserved.” Additional windows show the brand values ​​that are transported with the music genres. One level down, the genres are sorted by fit according to the selected brand attribute. Here you can listen to the brand sounds, select the file format and download tracks. The tool clearly defines each genre using sound examples – and includes an immediately usable and constantly growing DATEV sound library.

And even the most unique DATEV brand sounds are possible! Besides different mixes and lengths, every piece of music in the library comes with so-called “stems”, meaning that each separate track of a piece can be downloaded individually and be freely combined and mixed to fit exactly and even make a completely new piece of music! What makes the DATEV Soundpool so special is the unique combination of brand and sound: it is flexible, user-friendly, and precise, which makes it 100 percent DATEV!

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