ISD Team

We try to push our OnAir to the App world and to the new times of Social and user experience, combining it with a brand new Audio Logo that will live with the Brand. The whole picture of this work will be to use this sonic concept on the web, Apps, V.O.D and other mobile platforms of the Brand. We want to make the sound and the audio, be a relevant part of the new design of the company, and we want to raise to the top, the user experience in this new Rebranding of CANAL+ Spain.

Fourteen chanels and hundreds of Audio Logos, Promos, Bumpers and Openings were created. Integration of Apps, V.O.D platforms and implementation of Audio Logos in all the marketing spots and rest of the contents. We did a huge work of searching and synthesizing to find the correct sounds and textures of the final work, using Protools DAW with Native Instruments Komplete and other plugins, including: FM7, Loom, Reaktor, Vacuum pro, Kontakt and Arturia.

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