ISD Team
18 Apr 2024

In cooperation with the agency Die Botschaft, why do birds developed a unique acoustic brand identity for Berlin’s public transport BVG. Next to a new brand voice, this also includes all other sonic elements, such as the sound logo, a brand music library and the signal tones for public transport vehicles and stations.


BVG, Germany’s largest public transport company, transports over 1 billion passengers a year. The brand communication focuses on social media and passenger information in the vehicles in Berlin. So, the development of a distinct brand sound was a necessity. People from over 190 countries are at home in Berlin. The capital stands for a diversity of lifestyles, cultures, and gender identities. BVG connects this diversity every day, accompanies people through this colourful city and offers them a stage. That’s why countless Berlin voices were recorded for our audio branding project. Sung and spoken. Breathed and shouted. Male, female and diverse.

The Berlin voices are accompanied by an instrument that sounds as rough and warm as the typical Berlin tone of voice:

  • the bass clarinet. No other instrument can intonate the human voice and Berlin slang as well as it does.
  • The bass clarinet and Berlin voices form the ingredients for the BVG brand sound.
  • The brand music library, as well as sound logo and the signal tones for the passenger information in
    the vehicles are based on the same catchy melody.

In addition, a new and unique brand voice was cast for BVG as the perfect complement to the sound: Philippa, transgender, raw and heartfelt.

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