AudioStack Dynamic Sonic Suite (ADSS+) by Aflorithmic Labs is a Generative AI Voice&Audio Full Stack Creative Production Suite for the Audio Industry. The API-first AI Audio Infrastructure allows Agencies, Brands, AdTechs, Publishers, Broadasters to add AI Voice&Audio Production Capabilities in-house to drastically automate & scale audio production.


AudioStack is a full stack AI-enabled Text-to-voice & audio production solution build as audio-infrastructure- as-a-service, enabling the market to adopt and add audio automation APIs to their work flows and business processes to drastically speed up audio production.

Startup & Research Team
In 2019 three international entrepreneurs – two Germans and one Irish – founded Aflorithmic Labs in London and Barcelona. The Generative AI Audio Startup team of 20+ includes Machine Learning Engineers, Audio Algorithm Developers, Software Engineers and AI Voice Researchers. What started first as a from- developer-for-developers API-first B2B solution has developed into a powerful module-based (“Audio Engines”) complete toolkit of AI-enabled proprietary Audio production backend APIs to power various businesses and industries in their audio production.

The platform provides enterprise, brands, agencies, developers toolsets of audio features including:

  • Close to 1000 best-in-market expressive AI synthetic voice database
  • text-to-speech+ to audio features
  • Voice Intelligence Layer (improving standard Text-To-Speech in pronunciation and sound)
  • Voice cloning technology (your own or custom synthetic brand voice cloning)
  • Sonic & Audio mixing, mastering automation
  • AI Audio Advertising Engine Video Voice over engine
  • AI Podcast Production engine
  • Translation Engine
  • dynamic audio versioning, localisation and personalisation at scale capability
  • end-2-end automated audio production chain

Since its launch the platform has grown to close to 1000 AI voices and an international customer base in the US, Germany, UK and internationally including some of the biggest ad agencies like Omnicom Media Group, AMP (acquired by WPP) and various brands like SwissCom having produced more than 10M synthetic audio minutes with the AI Audio API.


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