Have fun and enjoy – this is the motto of the “Wiener Prater”!
Adventure, tradition, and Viennese charm at once – no other place radiates so much energy and joie de vivre as the Vienna Prater. A fascinating world awaits visitors and guarantees entertainment for both young and old. Full of turbulent roller coasters, spooky ghost trains and attractions of all sorts for the youngest – there is hardly any other place in the world to challenge your senses in this intoxicating way. Whether a few pleasurable hours spent with your family or dinner with friends followed by a tour through the highlights – time flies here.

The Prater has asked us to compose an unique song as a Viennese declaration of love to the “Wurstelprater”, including the slogan “Spaß mitten in Wien”. The song should respond to young and old alike and remain in their heads as a catchy melody. Traditional Viennese songs inspire the verse and it narrates a story told in the typical and charming dialect of Vienna. It is sung by a male Austrian singer. The chorus features a cool pop song performed by a female voice.

Harald Sulzbacher was responsible for composing and arranging the song as well as writing the lyrics. We recorded the typical sounds of the single attractions directly at the “Wurstelprater” to integrate them into the song. We did the concept, texting and producing of several radio spots for single attractions at the Vienna “Wurstelprater”. Parts of the song were adapted for the use in the spots. The male singer of the verse was also the voice for the different radio spots.

During last three years we did a comprehensive audio!_consulting regarding audio branding, including corporate song and audio logo for the Vienna Prater. The song was delivered in different versions and lengths. We also did an instrumental version with a whistled melody. The song is used for events and presentations, for the telephone switchboard, for mobile boxes at mobile phones and for radio spots. Finally we produced CD’s for selling the song at the individual attractions to the visitors. You can also download the song from the homepage of the Vienna Prater.

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