ISD Team

Aeroexpress is a Russian company providing intermodal and local rail transport services between the cities of Moscow, Sochi, Vladivostok and Kazan with their airports.


Aeroexpress is a modern brand and its purpose is to connect the city with the world. There are three key attributes which reflect the Aeroexpress brand identity: comfort, progress and accuracy. With Aeroexpress you are always on time.

Visual Identity

The brand logo consists of five airplanes flying away from each other forming a star. The color red is used to stress dynamism and progress.

Sound Identity Creation Process

Audio logo – Used before announcements on trains and in stations. Transforming the key attributes into sound language has been challenging, as we wanted to convey the modernity and progressiveness of the brand whilst preserving a human touch. As a result, a synthesized human voice was chosen as the key element. Five notes mirror the five airplanes on the visual logo. A flying airplane sound reinforces consistency with the service provided by the brand, stressing its speed and accuracy.

Brand theme – The brand aimed for an emotional approach, in order to better link with people and underline the freedom factor that their service ultimately provides. In order to reach a broader audience we used a melodic popular rock production in which overall arrangement and reverberation helped delivering warm and emotive feelings.

Event opening theme – An orchestral arrangement was chosen to emphasize solemnity. The percussive parts were written to reflect the speed and accuracy of the service.

Phone line theme – We decided to use sine and triangle waveforms so that transmission technology would not compromise the quality of the music, and because pure tones have the psychoacoustic effect of being pleasant and relaxing. Nonlinear sequencing is also used for a less obvious looping effect.

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