Adthos is an innovative ad sales platform that is revolutionizing the audio advertising industry by delivering the first broadcast-quality AI-generated voice technology that can be used by publishers and advertisers to create powerful, targeted and voice-branded advertising at a moment’s notice.


Adthos Creative Studio provides –for the first time anywhere – the opportunity to create broadcast-quality, targeted audio advertising on-the-go using advanced text-to-speech and synthetic voice and AI technology.This browser-based multitrack editor allows broadcasters and advertisers to collaborate online, combining music, human and synthetic voice to produce real-time audio advertising that offers new and powerful ways to monetize.In January 2022 we embarked on a new project with Talpa Network to deploy the Adthos Platform to create audio advertising for some of their key brand clients.

Over the next 12 months we completed several use cases, utilizing a variety of different features available within the platform. A few of these are laid out in the short case studies below. Overall, each of these sets of audio ads shared some key benefits. Namely the opportunity to leverage different (dynamic) data sets to create targeted and powerful messages, and the ability to generate multiple sets of broadcast-quality audio ads based on that data in a matter of hours, compared to the many days it would take using more traditional approaches. In addition, it is possible to identify a specific voice for your brand which can be deployed in multiple languages. So, you get the same voice of your brand, regardless of location or language. In summary, the use of AI within the platform provides users the opportunity to:

  • Make use of a library of over 275 voices in 100 languages to create new audio advertising and branded voice content without having to book talent and a recording studio each time
  • Use our AI language tool to generate first draft creative copy
  • Generate thousands of creatives, in multiple languages and within record time -a gamechanger when it comes to multi-national campaigns.

Paul de Beus, Digital Audio Advertising Specialist from Talpa Network says, “Looking back over the years where AI technologies were exponentially advancing, now those futuristic ideas are being turned into real usable products. The efficiency and scalability for audio-voice production in real-time is a game changer that Adthos facilitates with an endlessly growing potential.”

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