Agency Dissonances won the public call for tenders launched by the Ile-de-France Region for the board, the creation and the production of a new sound identity. The Ile-de-France Region gathers in 8 counties a huge economic development, a multiplicity of 11,9 million inhabitants (around 20% of French Population). Thus the Region initiated the reflection on its sound identity in order to reinforce the coherence between corporate and advertising and increase the impact in its communication.

Dissonances carried out a special program that included: a sound audit, a benchmark, positioning musical recommendations and a presentation to the top management and the top elective representatives of the Region. The creation of the sound identity was so defined in details in collaboration with the Region on the various elements of its musical universe (tone, values). The strategy was to build an original sound identity, which transposes the personality and the aspiration of the Region – shining and staying close. The sound identity should also express the creativity, the multiplicity of its inhabitants, individually and collectively.

The sound identity is composed of a strong, distinctive melody. We can recognize it within few seconds on a radio commercial, on a high school bell, on the Internet, performed by a rock band in the Rock en Seine festival or by the national Ile-de-France orchestra. The sound identity is easy to play, to sing and to remember in order to fit so evidently in the every day life. It comes in three different musical arrangements (rock, acoustic and piano) and several durations. The creation is a dialog between acoustic and electric guitars, which generates an efficacy gimmick and a positive energy. The region has now a new demarcating sound identity, which is faithful to its values and in accordance with its main target.

The sound identity brought a more coherent and impactful communication and gave a leitmotiv through different formats and three various musical arrangements. All the dynamism and the youth, also the diversity and the creativity of this institution are expressed through rock instruments: guitar, bass, drums, tablas and mandolin. The visual identity is now accompanied with music. The regional brand acquired a new sensitive dimension. The sound identity was revealed to employees via a reveal film during the ceremony of wishes in 2013 and received a very favourable reception.

The sound identity helps the region to have an harmonious, impactful communication, to acquire a new dimension as well as an additional unifying element for the 11,9 million of Ile-de-France inhabitants. Moreover, a musical charter was developed to create brand sound guidelines for the entire institution. In this sound identity kit, all the formats and the three arrangements are explained and gathered. Some recommendations are given in the musical charter to use the sound at the best.

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