Paul Louis
Paul Louis
Product Sound Design
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A UX/UI sound designer and creative director, has been contributing to the auditory landscape since 2016. His work includes designing AVAS sounds for prominent vehicle manufacturers (BMW, MINI, BMWi) as well as UX Sounds (BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMWi) and crafting distinctive sound logos for a well-known payment processing company, kitchen manufacturers and online retailer (CCV, Gaggenau etc.). His versatility extends to music curation for a leading financial institution (CreditSuisse) and innovative projects for notable software companies (MuleSoft).

Additionally, Paul shares his knowledge and experience by teaching interactive sound design at HMKW. He continues to push the boundaries of how sound is interwoven with our daily environments and experiences. His approach to sound design is grounded in everyday life, creating soundscapes that are not only immersive but also harmonious, reflecting a thoughtful and holistic perspective in his field.


Audio Branding, AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System), Game Audio, Music for Advertising/Commercials, Music Supervision/Sync, Sound Design, Soundscapes & Ambient Sound, UX/UI Design