Unmute ApS

Founded in 1900, in Paris, France, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the worldwide governing body for cycling. It develops and oversees cycling in all its forms and for all people, as a competitive sport, a healthy leisure activity and a sustainable means of transport, but also as a way to have fun.

UCI is responsible for 10 different cycling disciplines and their respective World Series, World Cups and World Championships. The UCI also oversees World Championship events for amateur riders and puts a lot of resources into promoting cycling as a recreational, sustainable activity and a means of transport. They want to unite people thanks to cycling and make it the inclusive and universal activity of tomorrow. For sport, for fun, for a better life.

To build on the brand identity UCI set out to develop a new sonic identity that should represent the vision, values and principles of UCI. Unmute was given the task of creating “The Sound of UCI” and together with the brand experience agency WORKS they have sonically brought the UCI brand to life. The sonic identity is centered around a sonic logo and a UCI Anthem which serves as the overall unifying piece of music for the whole organisation, used across events, media, disciplines, for podium ceremonies and much more.

The UCI Anthem is an orchestral piece that sets out to be music for the moment – both capturing the passion, seriousness, liveliness, intensity, sense of community, celebratory and at times solemn nature. To name a few. Written to capture both the legacy, present and future of the sport in musical moments relatable for riders, fans and anyone getting in touch with the sport. And finally the UCI Anthem serves as the musical DNA across disciplines – just as the colored stripes define the iconic design of the Rainbow Jersey and tie a global connection between nations in shape and color.

To match the unique character of each of the many disciplines under UCI, such as road, track, cross, MTB, BMX, freestyle and trials, the UCI Anthem serves as the musical DNA for musical and stylistic variations. As an example the version made for Road Cycling is best described as a powerful amalgamation of electronic and orchestral cinematic music – unlike the main Anthem which is held in a pure orchestral style with a contemporary aesthetic and timeless harmonic approach. Overall the UCI Anthem is serving as the common compositional and thematic DNA for all stylistic variations to come.

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