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As a comprehensive platform, the ISD makes it easy to find the right partner, product or service for single projects, major undertakings or different kinds of collaboration. Whether you’re seeking sound- or music-related resources or offering services and products within these fields, the ISD is your primary destination.

The ISD is a service of the Audio Branding Academy ABA which also organizes the International Sound Awards ISA.
Unfortunately, the value of music and sound is often underestimated, despite their significant contributions to personal well-being, enhanced social and cultural interactions, and broader societal benefits. Similar to the International Sound Awards, the ISD aims to address this by providing a platform for projects, products and services to showcase the wide range of applications and potential of music and sound. The ISD will emphasize the importance and effective use of sound and music, fostering networking, collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing.

Creating a profile enhances your visibility, credibility, and networking opportunities within the industry, while also providing access to valuable resources and opportunities. You have the chance to exhibit your work through videos and audio, providing a compelling portfolio to showcase your skills and work quality to potential clients or employers.

They symbolize the International Sound Awards ISA. The ISA honour the worldwide best works with the “Better Sound (BS)”, “Winner (WA)” and “Grand Prix (GP)” prizes in a wide range of categories like Product, Research & Development, Health, Life & Society, Game Audio, Communications, Voice & Audio Dialogue.

In this ranking system, you receive points based on different criteria. You earn 20 points for being a premium member, 10 points for being an ISA juror, 5 points for an ISA award (for the winning entry, not for every category it won), and 1 point for each recommendation. Your ranking score determines your position in search results, with higher scores resulting in better listings.

The rating system of the International Sound Awards was proofed reliable and valid by a group of researchers. We can ensure that no one falsely claims they have won an award. But we can’t judge the reliability and validity of other awards’ rating systems, neither verify that those awards weren’t falsely claimed. Therefore only the ISA are considered in the ranking.

If you have created a project, you can invite contributors. Contributors are talents or companies that have worked on the project. If the project has won awards, those awards and ranking points will be added to the profiles of the talents and companies.

Non-profit organizations that we want to support get a free premium profile.

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